Conservative dentistry and Endodontics is considered to be one of the branches that make up the cream of dentistry. It consists of procedures and techniques that require a lot of precision, skill and logical reasoning. Earlier the trend was to randomly extract the teeth that were more than a little involved with trauma, caries and infection. But now the objective is to minimally invade the tissues and preserve as much as the natural tooth structure while getting rid of the disease process occurring in the tooth.

Conservative dentistry consists of sub specialities of cariology, operative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and endodontics. The department deals with the preservation and conservation of teeth. Department is well equipped with latest dental chairs in PG clinic and in UG clinic, pre-clinical laboratory with phantom heads, seminar room with audio-visual aids, departmental library, sterilization section, radiography section, laboratory for plasterwork, centralized casting lab for metal and ceramic work.

Continuing education is given high priority with regular participation by student and teaching staff in workshops and conferences. The course enables the students to acquire knowledge of the relevant clinical literature to develop scientific approach to solving problem. The course contains didactic practical and clinical components and taught to high standard. The course will provide a foundation for successful clinical practice or a stepping stone towards an academic career.



The department has a well equipped undergraduate clinic with dental units and chairs exclusively for the pre final and final year B.D.S. students. The clinical curriculum for the undergraduate include composite restoration, GIC pulp capping, Root canal treatment. Being exposed to clinics for the first time, students are constantly guided towards better patient management.


The section boasts on having the latest fiber optic and ultrasonic units. It has its own microscopic section. The treatment rendered by the postgraduates includes complex restorations, composite restorations (pin and bonded), bleaching of vital and non vital teeth, veneering, cast restorations, RCT, hemisection, apicoectomy, inlays, onlays and crowns etc.

Department has a contemporary design with modern dental units.


The department of OMR is dedicated towards patient care and teaching involving prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases of orofacial complex. The students are trained with a thorough knowledge of techniques and interpretation of maxillofacial surgery also in diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer and complications, pre-cancerous conditions, salivary dysfunctions, orofacial pains, TMJ disorders etc.

This is a place where medicine and dentistry go hand in hand to promote optimal health.


The department of OMFS deals with the surgical extractions of teeth and removal of diseased tissues. Services provided include surgical treatment of injuries and developmental malformations of the mouth, jaws and related facial structures.

Students are introduced right from the 3rd year to basics principle of the discipline including technique of Administration of L.A. , basic exodontias armamentarium and techniques of administration of Local anaesthetic, basic and complex exodontias, hemostasis, prevention of surgical complications etc..

The MDS students deal with complex and advanced procedures like impactions, prosthetic surgery, implants, bone grafts, reconstruction surgeries, orthognathic and TMJ surgeries, treatment of dentofacial anomalies, trauma management.


Department of Prosthodontics is the biggest department with separate clinical section to treat patients along with dental lab for Undergraduates & Post Graduate students.

There is a separate Pre-Prosthodontic Lab for preclinical exercises to train all students which can accommodate up to 100 students. An inhouse Casting and Ceramic lab makes a learning experience in prosthodontics even better.
Department library and a Seminar room add to a good academic learning and teaching experience for the students and faculty respectively.

The Department imparts theoretical and clinical knowledge to treat patients in the field of replacement of missing teeth by Removable Dentures , Fixed Dentures , Dental Implants, Maxilofacial Prosthesis , Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Esthetic Dentistry. Seminars , Journal Clubs and Case discussions are done on regular basis.

Students and faculty participate actively in conferences and do regular publications in dental journals. Free denture camps are regularly organised by the department for maximum student exposure.


The department is devoted to build up beautiful smiles by bringing teeth, lips and jaws in proper alignment and function.

Orhtodontic treatment is an excellent investment in dental, psychological and overall well being of patients.

The undergraduate raining begins from BDS 3rd year where students learn basic wire bending skills,, clinical examination, model analysis and fabrication of removable appliances, wire components and cephalometric analysis.


The department has a state of the art infrastructure to carry out histopathologcal, histochemical and immunohistocemical studies.

The department also educates in dental anatomy, embryology and histopathology.

The department studies and diagnosis potentially malignantboral lesions, oral cancer, odontogenic cysts and tumours.


The department of PCD is dedicated to train undergraduates to work within interdisciplinary terms, investigating the risk factors for oral disease, their relation to systemic diseases and on the use of oral epidemiological methods to study health outcomes of dental services and oral health policy.

Students participate in dental camps all year round and performimg screening examinations. The department also provides mobile dental clinic.


The department provides a wide range of treatment for patients with gum diseases with the help of advanced surgical equipments like piezoelectric surgical unit.

UG students are trained to provide non-surgical and preventive periodontal procedures and are introduced to surgical periodontal procedures by observing and assisting.

PG students master a vast variety of surgical clinical procedures like regenerative periodontal therapy, local drug delivery, preventive periodontal care and periodontal plastic and esthetic surgery.


Pediatric dental treatment and disese prevention is provided for children upto 18yrs of age with special facilities for newborne and infants.

Services provided include sealant applications, fluoride treatment, esthetic mouth guards, filings and space maintanence.

The department also provides child friendly play area. Endodontic treatment for primary and permanent teeth, management and prevention of oral habits, treatment and interception of malocclusions in children, preventive and esthetc dentistry and dental care for children with special needs.